Sunday, April 17, 2016

Concluding Well

The flip side of any new endeavor is, of course, the wrapping up. To conclude well seems elusive at times. But my personality likes to move ON. With decisiveness.

This blog had a good run. Like my previous blog (Paris, 2006), it was a great tool to communicate with friends and family through a season. But it has served it's purpose: mostly to be a reflective space for how teaching my kids is going and how connected our family is with loving neighbors. Our lives have some habits that will serve us well going forward. And our lives are full enough to close this blog chapter.

To that end, you will soon see some activity on this blog! It's about time after 6 months of packing, moving, and adjusting. Coming up are posts on:
  • Updates on family members
  • Tour of our new home
  • Reflection on God's faithfulness
Thank you for your prayers, comments, emails, and support!
I'd love to hear from you.

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