Saturday, September 12, 2015

78 days

Seventy-eight days remain until our Saint Louis lease is up! In days it doesn't seem long. Writing "11 weeks" has a long feel to it. In other words, we have reached a hurry up and wait period that feels oh, so familiar as we've navigated life together since marriage. Here is a fun, distraction list.

78 days until our lease is up
60 times my daughter has asked about the paint color of her future room
55 is the Interstate highway we drive so much
64/40 the Missouri highways that signal home is near
31 was the birthday milestone for me and Nick in 2015
25 boxes for all our stuff,... Or was it a 25' truck trailer?
18th of September will be our next Chicagoland visit
10 weeks of being social media-free, is my goal for sanity
4 weeks since back-to-school began for Abigail (Evan and Nick now, too)
1 last grad quarter before a turn in our journey's road

In the meantime, I'm trying to be present and focused... being available for Saint Louis friends (and keeping our kids with their friends) to wrap up well. So, I will be taking a social media break for at least a month but really with the goal of for our remaining STL season. You are welcome to email me or call/text! It would be great to hear from you :-)

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