Monday, April 6, 2015

The Arrival of Ariel

I previously posted the story of Abigail's and Evan's births here. And I thought that Ariel's birth would be a home birth until the midwives had a scheduling conflict. God provided in-network midwives, who have a birth center and great demeanors. So, while Ariel wasn't born at home, this mama was well taken care of and happy laboring a short while at home.

Since we didn't have a doula for the third birth, Nick wrote up the story of Ariel's birth, as follows!

Ariel Grace, this is the story of the day you were born…
From the moment we knew that your mama was pregnant we were eagerly awaiting the day that we would meet you. Your mama always had the impression that you would arrive on March 1st, making you another March baby, just like your big brother and sister. So, a few days before you were born your aunt Kelsey came to stay with us. She did a great job watching Abby and Evan, giving Mama and I a lot of time to spend together. We went on dates, talked about and prayed for you, and spent a lot of time walking and relaxing.

Before we knew it March 1st had arrived and, just as your mama expected, that would be the day that you were born. The night before it had snowed heavily and I thought that it would be a good idea to all go to the YMCA so that Abby and Evan could spend time swimming while Mama walked the track and Kelsey had some work out time to herself. However, the snowfall changed our plans, as we found out that the YMCA had closed due to the weather. So, we all decided to go for a long walk around the local mall.

During that walk your Mama started to feel steady contractions. After about an hour there, we all piled into the SUV and drove back home. Aunt Kelsey and I made lunch for Abby and Evan while your mama took a relaxing shower and spent some time in our bedroom listening to relaxing music, bouncing on the birth ball, and walking back and forth. By around 12:00pm your mama’s contractions were already 3 minutes apart. It was time to call the midwife. Shortly afterward your mama and I got in the car and started driving to the birth center.

We arrived at 1pm. Your mama was doing great, talking and laughing with me as we drove. She was really focused, but relaxed and calm. Once we got to the birth center we discovered that Mama was already 8cm dilated. We had started walking at 10am! You were coming fast! Mama decided that she wanted to spend time in the hot tub, so I ran a warm bath and she got in. That is when things really started to move along. By 1:50pm your mama was ready to get out and by 2pm she was starting to push. You arrived just 12 minutes later at 2:12pm. You were 19 3/4" long, and 7 lb 12oz, with a full head of dark hair.

Just arrived!

She had to hold her sister *first*

The tiny features are what he loves best.

Chilling skin-to-skin before our return home 12h post-birth... at 2am!

3 days old

3 days old
 Meanwhile, Aunt Kelsey, Abby, and Evan were busy making “Happy Birthday” cupcakes in order to celebrate your arrival. They were so excited when they heard that you had arrived, jumping up and down for joy. They couldn’t wait to meet their little sister. I went to pick them up, and at 4pm they met you for the very first time. They loved you instantly and aunt Kelsey was so happy to finally get a chance to hold you. It was a happy day for all of us.
Heading to the playground on a cold day.

All the kids wore this bear outfit, quite snuggly.
Little Ariel, you are an answer to prayer. We are so happy that you are here with us, healthy and growing fast. Our prayer for you is that you would be a woman who courageously follows God throughout your life and who shares his love and grace with all whom you meet.

10 days old

Finally interested in baby dolls,
and wanting to be just like Mama

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