Saturday, February 21, 2015


Lent began this past week. Lent and Advent go together in my mind. Both prepare the heart for Christ. Both lean into a period of "not yet, but God is faithful."

There remain about 8 days until Ariel arrives, give or take.

The to-do list has dwindled to less than 10 items. Hey, with Nick's quarter finals only wrapping up yesterday, I had to keep myself psychologically unprepared, so that my body wouldn't relax. Both Abigail and Evan were coincidentally born within 2-3 days of a new moon (which was 2 days ago)... but I'd like to go to March 1 or beyond, so she's fully developed.

Many of those to-do items are slotted for Nick to accomplish while on break: move my sewing desk to the basement and put a chair for nursing in our bedroom in that spot; scrub the tile floors with a brush on his hands and knees while the kids are gone to preschool and I grocery shop. Although, hands and knees rocking would be a good early labor choice!

Ariel is not here yet, but God is faithful. He's done so much with our small lives in 31 years.

I anticipate a long break on this blog, much like the past month. Ariel will be born, the kids will have their joint birthday party, family will visit, Nick will begin a new quarter, and I'll turn 31. So, let's catch up after Easter or so.

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