Wednesday, January 7, 2015


On a day of waking to snow, same day pediatrician appointment for Abigail who is battling an infection that isn't yet located, preschool and no nap for Evan, this is Nick's birthday dinner:

chicken tenders, oven fries, yellow cake (a color is not a flavor, hon) with chocolate frosting, and broccoli. Thanks to Aldi.

We've known each other 10 years, dating for 3 and married for 7 come June. Cooking oven fries and chicken tenders puts memory right back in the dining hall at the University of Illinois: easily in the top three meals offered! Interesting fact: we met my first night on campus as a transfer student, in the ISR dining hall, but Nick had a bad situation on his mind. It took almost two years before we really interacted and became friends through the Bible study I led in the FAR dorm. And although I didn't like his personality at first, I'm not sure how to live without Nick now! Love you, and hope the next 31+ years are even more blessed!

Pre-dinner fun: Sleeping Beauty with the kids and the leftover frosting.

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