Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Third Child Is...

A girl! Ariel "ah-ree-EL," from the Hebrew "Lion of God." She'll have to hold her own as the Third Child ;-) Just officially moved into the third trimester this week, at 28.5 weeks.

Abigail and Evan have similar name letters.
I'm partial to primary colors in kids' rooms.

October was a sewing month, post-garage sale purge. This is the earliest I've ever sewn for my kids. After a low first trimester, I wanted to take advantage of the energy of the second trimester. Plus, sewing for Ariel helped me focus on this pregnancy after busy days.

Boppy pillow cover, large double flannel nap blanket, flannel burp cloths.

 Since Evan's organic trundle mattress arrived last month, I moved the crib mattress and set the crib up in our room. He had been sleeping on the crib mattress on the trundle slats for the last year. Also the earliest the crib has ever been set up! The little boy I provide childcare for had been napping in the pack and play in our room, and the crib will be comfy for him and help me tweak furniture arrangement before Ariel appears.

All I sewed for Abigail was a baptism dress. Then around 1 year, I made her name letters. Evan got name letters, a flannel nap blanket, and a knitted Hungry Caterpillar newborn photo shoot sock and hat. Ariel has certainly gotten the girliest and largest number of sewn items! Not sure how I feel about all the girliness since I'm not a huge pink or frills fan, but I certainly enjoyed sewing for her and praying for her.

Minky blanket sleep sack, minky lined swaddler.
Evan loooves this material... I'm making a pillow case of it for Christmas for him.
So snuggly!

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