Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Renter or Owner?

The church we attend for Nick's field work this year has recently had a few sermons on The Management, about ways in which God made us to be stewards. The Genesis 1 sermon asked the question, are you more like a renter or more like an owner when it comes to the blessings God has given you?

Do you "trash the vehicle" because the rental comes with a damage policy, and really abuse it?

Do you "baby your vehicle," barely letting anyone or anything touch it, and never really use it?

Or is there a third way? Do you wisely steward and share the blessings God has given you?

Well, as we get serious about selling our '07 Honda Fit, we find ourselves laughing about the care we're taking. It seems like we're really giving minor flaws tons of attention... just to sell it soon. We don't get to enjoy the benefits of these minor upgrades. That's ok, the next owner will enjoy them. Isn't that like so many areas of life -- we don't appreciate or care for what we have, while we have it??

For the record, it was me who turned a few corners badly...
It IS possible: 3 car seats across is possible in an '07 Honda Fit! If I were to do everything over, I'd likely choose the Diono Radian (the narrowest rear to front facing car seat on the market in 2014). I'd definitely not choose a Graco, especially the Nautilus which is very wide. Still on the fence about whether to replace all carseats with narrower models, since that's cheaper than buying a new vehicle.

In the photos below, the front driver and passenger seats are back all the way.

We've had 3 across since May, when I started caring for a little boy who was just 13 months old at the time.

Graco Nautilus, Britax Boulevard CS, Britax Chaperone infant
3 across is very snug but possible with 2 rear-facing

Evenflo Amp, Britax Boulevard CS, Graco Nautilus
3 across is a little less snug but still touching with 2 front-facing

This is a week of remembering all the blessings that God has already given us. Let's all live in the grace and abundance of this past year and present week for a little while, as thankful stewards.

I pray that God would change your heart to see how he's already met your needs and desires. And I pray that God would move you to thankfully give away and share his abundant blessings.

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