Friday, October 17, 2014

Pint sized cloth diapers

Much sewing has been happening since the garage sale concluded. Makes me happy! Pictures of the latest baby stuff to come. For now, here's a too cute one afternoon quick project: baby doll cloth diapers.

Almost three years ago, when Abigail was almost two and I was about 36 weeks pregnant with Evan, I got out an old Cabbage Patch doll from my childhood. The preemie 14" size was close enough for her to get a feel for what the new baby would be like. Sometimes we would role play with the doll, other times she would get to care for the baby. But, I had no baby doll diapers! Just two baby doll outfits from long ago, and a newborn size footed pajama. At 36 weeks, finishing things for Evan's arrival was a bigger priority than some sewing. And then three years passed by.

Evan has developed a huge baby interest since we told the kids about the new baby in July. At 29 months, he became attached to the larger 17" Cabbage Patch doll all on his own. First, it was named "Baby Jonah" since that was the Biblical name the kids picked out for the Third Child. Now, Evan insists that the name is just "Baby Doll." He sleeps with Baby Doll, will put him (her, it?) in the high chair at meals, and includes Baby Doll in story time. Honestly, so cute! He wants me to say goodnight to all his stuffed animals and Baby Doll at night, too.

14" Cabbage Patch, 4 cloth diapers
When I saw this cloth baby doll diaper pattern yesterday, it was immediately printed, cut out after the kids' bedtime and sewn before L. arrived this morning. Very quick project, and it resembles our infant cloth diaper covers. The fabric is white flannel on the inside and woven cotton prints on the outside -- all are just from the closet stash. I had 1/2" velcro on hand. Fleece with cotton or flannel would add bulk (and look more like a real cloth diaper 'bubble butt'), but I like the all-cotton finished project. Plus, cotton is biodegradable.

It is important for the soft velcro to go all the way across the front, since the preemie 14" and larger 17" size differ in the waist and crotch: all the way across ensures that the diapers will fit a variety of dolls. The rough hook corners can be just 1" long, though.

Abigail has claimed all diapers as I type this (and Evan naps with Baby Doll), and is putting her 14" baby to bed ;-)

How about you? What helped your kids adjust to a new baby?
What role playing did they like to do, to care for their baby doll?

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