Monday, September 15, 2014


About a week last month of earnest, constant work was devoted to literally going through every room, cabinet, and box in this apartment. I am prepping for a garage sale, and have two other families on board, to help them out and draw more of a crowd.

The final horizon involves tagging to sell the opposite gender's baby clothes after we find out a little more of who the Third Child is. Then, a blogger I follow posted this idea. I don't have enough to follow her lead, but maybe I will keep 1-2 outfits besides the handmade baptism outfits :-) We take nothing but memories, developed character, and a relationship with God from this life into the next... but maybe some items -- and the stories that go with them -- will help keep a memory alive or anchor character in the rest of this earth time.

What about you? Do you lean more sentimental, or pragmatic? Where would you make an exception?

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  1. Who knew that preparing for a garage sale could be such a cleansing, emotional, thoughtful, challenging, wonderful, exhausting experience?? I hope to make something special for my kids one day with swatches of "special" fabrics.