Monday, August 18, 2014


Humorously coincidental it is, to have children all due in the same month. This time around, the nausea made up for two smooth sailing pregnancies... I don't know if it was simply rising early and tackling more in one  day (more even than when I taught while pregnant). Or if my body is that much more efficient in making or sensitive to placental hormones. Pregnancy at 25 gave me more energy and felt more in equilibrium. Third pregnancy at 30, with two kids under 5 and working 10h days takes more out of me. Even before this pregnancy, the body at thirty is different! But overall, I am improving over the past four weeks.

Please join our family in praying for this child :-) We heard the heartbeat over the midwife's Doppler for the first time one week ago, at 11 weeks gestation.

And please pray over the next few years: God willing, we'd like to foster or adopt the next child. For that, we need the square footage that renting or owning a house provides. Obviously, we'd prefer to own and are actively saving toward that goal as we learn more about foster care and domestic adoption.

We are blessed to learn from great friends working in foster care, and from a family in our small group that is currently fostering three siblings ages 5-10. Please share your foster or adoption experience in the comments below, or by email lostsheepknitting(at)

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