Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kids and others are guests in a marriage

We were pregnant with our first child and at a marriage conference. I felt sheepish: we had been married for eighteen months and expected baby to arrive three months before our second anniversary. Weren't we still in the flush of new marriage? Why a marriage retreat?

But the golden gem to stick in my heart and mind for the past five years was, "Children are guests in a marriage. They likely weren't there when it began, and will pass along in life, leaving the nest and marriage."

It speaks volumes to me in this season of toddler, preschooler, and grad school. In other words, even a low budget date night in is worth it for the sake of my relationship with Nick. Even if we can only manage 30 minutes of real conversation before sleep pulls our eyelids down. Even if our date nights out happen twice a year. Even if we have to swap babysitting with another couple, like we'll be doing next week!

Here is an article at Mothering Magazine worth reading this week. It is not marriage specific, but rather addresses the question, "Who is my community? How can I depend on them?"

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