Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Neighbors

A few Saturdays ago we had some of the most adult-fun-with-kids yet. Friends who like to bike. Sunny and 70 degree temps. Wineries, a brewery, a picnic lunch. Oh yes, and our kids. Very relaxing while working out.

We came home to a FOR RENT sign in the front yard.

"It must be how noisy we and the kids are." The thought wouldn't budge. Finally 24h later on Sunday night I texted our upstairs neighbor to apologize, "Noticed the For Rent sign. I am so sorry if we and the kids have been noisy. Please let us know if we ever are too noisy. Best of luck in your new location!"

Katie responded that she's actually moving to help care for a family member. Huge sigh of relief -- it's much easier to ask her how she's doing, rather than be the one in need. Nick and I have had a few conversations about the irony of being the only Christians on this end of the block, the only 20-30-somethings with kids, and the ones with the loudest kids who yell at each other and put us at our wits' end. Yeah, the irony of being far from perfect parents on track to becoming a pastor's family is weighty.

We returned from a 10 day vacation today... and the new upstairs neighbors will have already moved in. Please keep these new neighbors in your prayers as we get to know them. Please keep our kids and parenting in your prayers, too, we surely need it. Other neighbors to pray for: Katie and Nick who just got married, her sister Claire; Amanda and Craig, Jackie, Ann and Gabriel, Alice, Josh, and Mike.

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