Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Piece-work Life

Whenever I meet sewers (usually of a certain age), I have to confess apologetically to them that "I am not a quilter." It's true, modern quilt aesthetic or Gee's Bend abstraction captures my imagination more than most quilts I see. The thing about quilts, is that they can tell stories. One quilt can capture snapshots in someone's life by literally taking pieces from clothing or other fabrics.

I turn 30 on Friday. At 20, many hopes loomed large on the future horizon. Although some have come to be, almost none have followed my preferred path. God has turned things around and challenged me more than I could have asked for; he's given me the gift of a bigger picture. It makes me think of quilts. Often, one square will be pieced and sewn, like a trial template. Some quilters work with what's available, others seek fabrics that are just right. One third of the way through an average life, I can see some finished work from God and some in-progress pieces. Like fabric, he's cutting shapes, trimming away bits, and putting together others. I lack the patience for so many small pieces; I like finishing a project within a week or two of here and there time. Good thing God loves so much better than I, loving us in the minutia and in the big picture ways to make masterpieces.

Here is a new place to sit and ponder life and pray for people, thanks to Nick tolerating two weeks of kitchen floor space take-over, and allowing me to take him to Target at the end of a date night to see the ottoman. And there were the piles in our bedroom... Nick is so patient!

Previous paint layers... shelf, and ottoman upgraded to swivel castors

A tucked away place for messes!

Vintage sewing desk, $15 craigslist
Satin latex paint in Swiss Coffee, $13 Home Depot
Board and L-brackets as a shelf to set the machine on, $8 Home Depot
Minwax Poly-stain, already had
Various grit sandpapers, brushes, already had
Drawer pulls, $12 Home Depot
Bernina Activa 220, college graduation gift

Ivory Storage Ottoman as seat, $48 Target... caught a 20% off sale, but alas, no coupon

These thoughts are my own.

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