Thursday, April 10, 2014

And then it's spring

First you have brown.
All around you have brown.
And then there are seeds,
and a wish for rain.

This is how one of our recent library book pics goes, And Then It's Spring.

On days when I can really feel the sun's rays, or see steam rising in the warming air, then I think spring.
When the gauze of new leaf buds casts a green haze on trees, then I think spring.

And our little backyard garden has taken shape. Cedar frames. Spaded. Amended. The cold crop seeds are sprouting outdoors! Despite the stomping of feral cats...

And you worry that maybe it was the bears and all that stomping.
Because bears can't read signs that say
'Please Do Not Stomp Here
There are seeds and they are trying.'

After the busyness of this coming weekend, then I'll have time for some indoor seeds. Not just the flats, I tell myself, "Then I'll make time for soul-tending."

What is your garden sprouting?

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