Wednesday, March 5, 2014

While Nick was away, we got to play!

Cannot complain about temps here in Saint Louis, after visiting Chicagoland last weekend and seeing all the piled up snow. We have felt 40F+ and the snowfalls have melted multiple times here in StL. Mid-February Nick was away for a conference with the car, and the kids had their final swim lesson for Winter session. So, I deemed that worthy of braving the cold to walk to the metro.

Yes, the metro! We live about a 20 minute walk (uphill both ways, pushing a stroller with 70lbs of kid) from the Big Bend metro station. The YMCA is about a 15 minute walk (over flat terrain) from the I-64/Brentwood metro station. The metro was a much faster option than taking the bus would have been. And the kids were SO well behaved - what an exciting trip for them. Their only complaint was that the actual metro ride in the train car took less than 5 minutes.

Just like most of Europe, eating is forbidden and headphones are a must. Unlike the CTA in Chicago, the Saint Louis metro is a very pleasant, very clean experience where I can use debit, credit, or cash with automated machines. Driving to the YMCA may only take 15min one way and pennies in gas, however I get a work out walking and well-behaved kids on the metro. This may well be worth $4.50 round trip on swim lesson days (kids under 5 are free). We took it two days later to the fabric store, and despite chillier temps, the kids did great again.

At Winslow's Home; the kids were too into others and food to smile well!
Played "I Spy" while waiting for food.

The Sunday that Nick was gone, the kids and I walked 1.5mi to a local church, The Journey, through which we do small group Bible study. The kids know me so well: on the way home, Abigail requested a stop at a restaurant we've passed a lot. Evan chimed in, wanting a people watching experience. Winslow's Home boasts of local, fresh and healthy food, plus the walls are like a general store with books and goods for sale. Kinda like a coffee shop meets wine bar meets book store meets corner pantry. Sunday brunch was a busy day for a first visit, and perfect for the kids to people watch lots of college students. Evan ate a banana plus some spinach salad with vinaigrette (just about the only egg-free foods on the menu), and Abigail and I split a turkey with gouda panini and the rest of that spinach salad. Good enough for a return visit, for sure. The hostess said that Tuesday is their slowest and best full-service day... Nick will have to come with us next time on a Tuesday!

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