Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Ball

This is the dress. The spring silk dress... sewn by myself (miss you for projects, mom) in record time: 36 hours. While watching our kids. And helping Evan potty. And doing laundry. Yikes.

One of the events for this dress: spring ball at the seminary. Abigail cannot contain her curiosity. She badly wanted to attend spring ball. I admit to using Cinderella as a cop out for more sewing time. I was present and verbally interacting with the kids. But I didn't want to stop sewing just to play Cinderella dress up with Abigail.

"Cinderella was so busy helping her step-sisters. Did she have time to work on her own dress?"

"Nope! She was sad."

"You're correct. And mama will be sad if this dress isn't finished. I promise to let you know about the ball tomorrow morning. I'm not sure exactly what we'll do there, other than eat and dance!"

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