Friday, February 14, 2014

Tour de Maison: Living Room

This post is part of a series introducing you to our home. Functional beauty and old things re-loved capture my imagination. Please leave some ideas - I'd like to learn from you!

What's new

Between you and me, it has taken me a while to get used to how this room looks and works. The living room is our playroom, entertaining space, sometimes office, guest room and anything else we need it to be. There's a lot going on here. Our family is fine with people dropping by anytime. Please? We love our friends. But it has taken me a while to get used to this room... and then photograph it for you all. Not personally a neat-freak (have you seen the master bedroom? big yikes), I hardly notice oddities in the living room until I'm looking through the camera lens. Then the plaid/paisley/oriental rug loudness bother me. Or the kid-organized bookshelves seem crazier. Or the mountain of a desk overwhelms. Well, here's to 2014 being a (new) year of honesty! Welcome to our daily mess!

It was a pajama-laundry day :-)

Kid-height hooks and mitten basket are a MUST.
Raising kids to become adults.

This room is a place of...

Play. For kids, it's obvious: take in those shelves. For adults, the living room is where Nick and I hang out and binge watch new series. The 3'x5' sewing cutting mat gets laid here often, as a new dress or project is pieced. Family Skype dates. Friends over for Dominion or drinks. Blogging. Lots of good play.

Sunshine. Quite literally, those windows face south. And there's a large sweet gum tree for summer shade. The apartment wouldn't be the same with a northern exposure! Before the kids head to bed, we review the day and moments that we saw Jesus in them. Nick and I do date nights in here: is there any other way to do marriage, than to marry someone who is also my best friend? Photos of family, photo books from over the years, a map of where family and friends live, Skype dates, and friends coming over bring lots of sunshine into our lives. Hopefully, God's light shines through us into others. We loved this apartment because it has a good set up for hosting others - and hopefully God is using that in others' lives as much as he seems to be blessing us through hospitality extended.

Those may or may not be Christmas decorations in February. ;-)
Love the sunshine through all these windows!
White adjustable shelves, family hand me downs, Target - perfect for keeping kids out of the
non-working fireplace
Mission-style desk, Target
Red oriental wool rug, family heirloom
Nightstands turned sideways and tall book shelf, Amish-made
Heart wall hooks, World Market
Blue woven cotton rug, World Market
Paisley wing chair, family hand me down, Pier 1

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