Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tour de Maison: Kitchen

This post is part of a series introducing you to our home. Functional beauty and old things re-loved capture my imagination. Please leave some ideas - I'd like to learn from you!

What's new

Our landlord buys buildings through FHA financing, rehabs, lives in them for a while, and then rents. Thankfully, the kitchen was worthy of some updates: the windows above the sink, and everything else except the walls has been updated. It's not solid wood or name brand, but the work triangle is great and nothing is icky. The wall 'update' was that they were painted tan. Have you ever pulled off a light switch plate, only to discover some hideous color(s) underneath? The kitchen shows signs of having had canary yellow walls, this white tile, and burgundy trim tiles.

New for Nick and I is that we're using all of our kitchen items! Our first year of marriage we used everything, then much of it was boxed. Several mice in a basement smelled our knives and some other packed items. Plus, Evan developed an egg allergy. When we moved in to Saint Louis, literally everything had to be washed super carefully. The wooden knife block was trashed due to signs of previous mice. We really like the new to us magnetic strip - very handy to see everything and high out of kids' reach, even on stools.

The door leads to a railed patio on top of the 2 car garage

This room is a place of...

Turn taking. Snacks are served and eaten. Plans for play negotiated. Dinner alternately cooked by husband or wife. Ditto clean up. Children imitate as they cook, paint, glue, cut, mold. The next day's schedule is reviewed.

Memory making. That tiny kids' table is our snack and craft table. Tile floor is easy to clean up, let's go! There are few tasks to pull me away in the mid-afternoon. So, simply sitting on the floor next to the kids and listening makes memories for me, too. Researchers say that smells pull out specific, deep memories, and taste secondarily evokes many. So yes, guess I do hand out tidbits as I cook.

In progress

Although space was left for a some day clock, I've come around to an empty space between those wall plates. Does a kitchen really need another clock? I'm open to ideas, but ideas have to be tested against "Do I really need it?" and "Do I already own it?"

Challenge on: what do you suggest??

Just keeping it real: our catch-all counter, pantry, and fridge
 Kids table and chairs, from when Nick was a kid
Magnetic knife strip, Bed Bath and Beyond
Cottage broom, Berea College Handcrafts Love their learning/work ethic
Porcelain dessert plates, collection Comme Des Grands, Geneviève Lethu,
8 Plates have 8 idiomatic phrases, purchased during study abroad in Paris
Recycled jeans aprons, made way back when for me and mom by grandma, kinda like this
Icelandic Lopi kids sweater, knit by mom

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