Sunday, January 26, 2014

Life On Hold

Life lately around here has felt very much like many things are on. hold. Words that come to mind:
slow motion

I'm coming around to welcoming them. The opportunities sitting here, taking over the apartment, are many:

Life on hold has been largely due to our time being so scheduled. Nick reentered Winter Quarter post-Christmas break, and both of us have been involved in Church Planting interviews, group project, and training. The CP stuff has required a lot of creative babysitting arrangements more than once in a week. And today it's officially OVER. Lastly, I'm trying to break some of the students I tutor free. Monday evening is back to a family night, and Sundays/Tuesdays are condensed, back to back students. But this is just stuff we do, the daily getting by.


Purging really comes to the forefront when life is on hold. Physical stuff just accumulates and it makes me question, do I really need this? Having so much boxed up for the past 4 years, this season is when we're actually using or not using it. So, who can use this? Can it be sold? Or is it more life-giving to let go for free?

Some days, it feels like accumulated stuff is synonymous with the baggage that God (wants to) takes off my hands. Stuff like:

  • priorities that serve me
  • memories that never quite turned into traditions
  • job paraphernalia from a turn or two ago in the road

Really, the opportunity sitting here, taking over the apartment, and lurking in conversations with others is to spend time with God. First. Fresh in the day. And let him give my days and weeks momentum and purpose.

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