Monday, January 6, 2014

In the kitchen: DIY polish

What do I do when the snow and wind chill keep us indoors? Catch up on small projects.

This one was last dealt with two years ago. And while I await the arrival of the newest season of Downton Abbey to our doorstep, I cannot help but think of the thousand chores to keep up an estate. Some tasks cannot always be out sourced to a cleaning lady (some silver is worth a lot). Some cannot always done safely (the original solution was probably eco-friendly elbow grease, back in the halcyon days of yore).

Two years ago, I was pregnant and needing to polish some silver jewelry. Standard chemical polish and latex gloves may suffice for some, but given the small size of the jewelry, all that was needed was a dab of something.

Thank you, Martha Stewart! Her reminder for DIY silver polish

  • Aluminum or aluminum foil lined nonreactive pan.
  • Near boiling water
  • Baking soda
  • Pinch of salt

A chemical reaction between the tarnish and the above ingredients helps remove tarnish.

  • Flannel or old, gentle, cotton dishtowel - to dry and buff
  • Old dishwashing gloves - because that water is hot!
  • Old soft bristle toothbrush - for cracks and crevices on jewelry, if desired

Food-safe interior of coffee pot: before, during, after
In this post-Christmas season of quickly fading light, I'm not yet ready to put away all our candles and tea lights. These silver pieces are on the table, shining. Someone special has a 30th birthday tomorrow, and the silver stands ready for a feast. After all, it was his gift to me seven years ago. How did he know?
Cotton rag sewn from old pajama shorts
Set up on an old towel: total cleaning time 1h
Favorite cleaning brushes

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