Thursday, January 23, 2014

Growing Up: Big Boy Bed

Evan is at the one week mark for his great transition to a big boy bed. He took right to the idea, and loved helping disassemble his crib. At one week, he proudly tells favorite adults (and total strangers),

"Mama took 'ires. Put it in the basement. Evan sleeps in big boy bed."

For some reason, Evan switched the name of his disassembled crib for the wire frame that supports the mattress: wires or 'ires.

As a parent, two favorites have quickly emerged.

  1. I get to lay down next to him for snuggles and songs as part of our bedtime routine. He was previously so squirrely in the chair.
  2. Big sister Abigail sleeps right above/next to his bed; she reaches her hand out or talks to him if he's upset going to bed.

The local library had this book, Fred's Bed. Evan adores the rhyming words, and likes completing what Fred says, "Too high." etc The book wasn't an anchor for Evan, who transitioned well; it may help get some toddlers ready for the change.

Busy hands with those wrenches and screwdriver

First Nap in Big Boy Bed
New Room Configuration - lots of floor space

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