Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What does a housewife do?

Abigail's preschool teacher posted about her school buddies, and I thought you might be interested in reading :-)

Yoga-pant-wearing, Oprah-following, under-educated, idle housewife. Or am I?


  1. Good blog, I prefer the term "household manager" myself :)

  2. Haha, guess the honor of "household manager" depends on who handles how much money, upkeep tasks, schedules, and 'survival basics' like food ;-) The biggest downside I've found from being self-employed as full time mom, is that there are very few common career objectives. In other words, who is my boss? And how do I know I'm effective and improving in my job??

  3. Yes, the lack of external rewards is one of the downsides to being a household manager. Especially since our society puts so much focus on external motivators. You know you are effective if your kids/house are going more towards independence and knowing God, at least that's my opinion.