Monday, December 9, 2013

Tour de maison: Hall

This post is part of a series introducing you to our home. Functional beauty and old things re-loved capture my imagination. Please leave some ideas - I'd like to learn from you!

What's new

In this older apartment, the evidence of a previous way of living is everywhere. In our hall we have a cleaning closet, a (no longer usable due to wires) laundry chute, and a telephone alcove. That alcove is now home to our talisman: chess bishop! Thanks, mom, for spotting that find on your latest trip to France; he's a gem and we like him a lot.

House Mascot

This room is a place of...

Practice. The kids play at their toy kitchen, making meals and pouring tea. Abigail imitates Cinderella, and Evan experiments with mixing foods. The noise of plastic foods whirling can be quite fun to him. They practice getting along ;-)

Patience. The scene in the frame is the cathedral in Chartres, France. Our chess bishop imitates an ancient set found on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Both these locations mean a lot to Nick and I. In 2006, I was studying abroad and a good friend came to France for a spring break bike trip. One of our memorable stops was Chartres, a cathedral with beautiful windows and original Gothic architectural details. In 2011, I had the fun and honor of leading 12 senior students on a northern France trip and Nick was able to chaperone. One stop was a sunny day in Chartres. Love having been able to share such a beautiful cathedral and city with two of my favorite people! Once Nick finishes his Masters of Divinity degree (not quite a bishop like the chessman, Nick), it is our goal to travel kid-free to the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. There's really no agenda, other than exploring a wild, wide open land and coast, and hopefully renting a room or cottage to ourselves. We can patiently wait a few years for a chance to travel part of Europe again. 2016? 2017? You bet we'll be looking for another Lewis Chessmen piece while we're there.

In progress

If you can call a hall a room, then this room is pretty complete!

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  1. The house mascot, eh? So glad that the chessman has a useful role!

  2. Yes, 'mascot' is truly what we affectionately call him!