Friday, December 20, 2013

Advent: Week 3 Joy... and countdown

Here we are, 5 days before Christmas. I'm taking a break from the crazy laundry, wrapping, cooking schedule to enjoy a countdown. Often, anticipation and reflection give me more joy than 'the moment' of many joyous occasions. So, in the midst of everyday basics, here are some moments I want to savor.

Egg-free Lebkuchen Hexenhaus
5 - Five pounds of baked Christmas cookies and gingerbread house

Those are supposed to be sheep's ears; costume provided ;-)
4 - Four hours at church on Sunday rehearsing and presenting Jesus' birth

They just finished hugging each other good night
3 - Three family celebrations... in IL and NE

2 - Two snow bunnies who endure walks with me

1 - One mom-daughter Nutcracker performance - and one upcoming husband-wife date out!

  Kathy had a great post, A Week Before Christmas, especially for mamas.

What's on your joyous countdown until Christmas? :-)

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