Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014: Living Life, Rather Than Viewing It

Our house had a bit of craziness this past week. Well, ok, that's downplaying it. The craze started when we totaled the rewards from health insurance for healthy behavior, plus Christmas gift cards.

$1,000 made us loose our heads and begin considering a plasma TV and blu-ray player purchase. Plus, cable deals came out. Plus, favorite shows will start in January and February that we cannot watch on Netflicks or Hulu Plus. Big bummer, right?

Numbers were crunched, and we talked for a long time. Ultimately, we slept on it and came to our senses in the morning!


Keeping this awesome set up. Sans cable. Sans converter box and antenna.
Don't worry, we've got safety anti-tip ties installed, and brackets secured with screws.

Really, we just get DVDs from the library anyway...
The boxed seasons (both British shows, BBC LOVE IT) will be purchased from Amazon. We could do digital episodes (for about $35 total), but we cannot resell then later.

Do you watch these? Totally hooked.
Total cost for our two favorite shows?

  • $53.98, free shipping, or about $3.99 an episode.
  • Will resell after viewing - to lower the total cost!
  • Only about 22h of our lives will be spent viewing these shows, plus maybe 12h for library DVD rentals.
  • That's 34h over 365 days, or 9min a day.

Total annual cost for cable and converter box, keeping our current TV = $180 - $200

Why wait? Because we won't get our money's worth!

What will we do with all those gift cards?!

  • Newer bike for Jenny, with easy places to attach the kids' bike trailer
  • Memberships to places that give us more quality of life... Zoo? Museum? Gardens?
  • Trips to visit people we love dearly
Missouri Botanical Gardens

Praying that 2014 brings you more life!
Lean into passions. Trust God and others. Explore more.

These are my own thoughts and opinions.
I am not solicited or compensated by organizations mentioned or photographed.

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