Friday, November 15, 2013

Tour de Maison: Kids' Bedroom

This post is part of a series introducing you to our home. Functional beauty and old things re-loved capture my imagination. Please leave some ideas - I'd like to learn from you!

What's new

Sharing a room is new for our kids. Until Evan was 15 months old, he slept in his crib... in our bedroom. Moving to Saint Louis meant that he now sleeps with big sister Abigail. Let's note (because sibs aren't always kind like this), they have figured out how to become sleep buddies and take comfort that some one else is sharing the room. Evan lets us know he's done with snuggling and singing before bed by saying, "Lay down. Abby's coming." He then snuggles into his kitty stuffed animal and lays looking at the door, waiting for her to finish her big girl reading practice and come in to lay down. She checks him sleeping peacefully before she lays down.

This room is a place of...

Giggles. It brings such a smile to the start of a day when the kids wake up and make each other giggle. When this happens, we give them 10 minutes alone to bond through these games... even when they shriek ;-)

Vision. When days are full of poor choices and a thousand small hurts, bedtime remembering becomes so important. We always revisit 'What did we do today?' and make sure to add 'I saw Jesus in you when...' especially on those difficult days. Nick and I want our kids to know that they are forgiven, special to us and God, and being changed by Jesus living in their hearts. We want our kids to not assume they are their mistakes but to instead lean into God's strength in them.


Evan will soon outgrow his crib and transition to the trundle bed. He had an allergic reaction this past week and nothing would comfort him, except this mama laying down next to him in the crib together. Not a problem? This crib is 30 years old with a 30 year old metal spring support... Not sure I want two roamers right now, either. Someday, the trundle will allow more day time play space!

Something I've always wanted to do with the kids' room is have a mirror at crawling height+ (so they can know their likeness and explore emotions). Can't say they see their own reflections even once a day right now.

A second goal is to find some inexpensive frames in 8x10 or 11x17 (anyone have good success with Ikea?) and rotate classic prints of Art that appeal to kids; just wanting them visually interested in Fine Art and to be able to recognize famous works including modern ones (something like this). I'd hang the frames at the kids' height, so even crawlers can interact.

Seeing the hammer to hang the photos from the dresser, Abigail protested that she could see them (my mom holding me at 3 mo old, and a sketch made when I was 11 yrs old) much better if they remained on the dresser... so, there's the tiny clock thing. Help, please?

Evan loooves vacuuming; here he is, helping 'clean' next to the good night stories

  • Crib, Jenny Lind style hand-me-down made the rounds through about 6 kids over 30 years
  • Organic Rubber Crib mattress and Organic Innerspring Twin mattress, Healthy Green Goods and DAX stores
  • Twin bed with trundle, Pacific Rim Woodworking, solid maple from managed forests, American-made
  • Dresser, solid maple garage sale find
  • Nightstand, solid maple family heirloom
  • Curtains, blackout, no longer carried by JC Penney
  • Rug and blue Quilt, Target, hand-me-down from my college dorm room
These thoughts are my own. I receive no compensation or solicitation from any of the companies mentioned.

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