Friday, November 22, 2013

Tour de Maison: Dining Room

This post is part of a series introducing you to our home. Functional beauty and old things re-loved capture my imagination. Please leave some ideas - I'd like to learn from you!

What's new

We have a dining room table to eat at! We've owned little furniture in 5 years of marriage. For the first 4 weeks we lived in this apartment, the dining room housed unsorted boxes and our patio table and chairs (make-shift table). The kids ate at a kid's table squeezed against the window. Nick and I liked the layouts of the 1920's apartments in our area: separate kitchen and large formal dining room. Guess what? With the mountain of dirty dishes out of view, we do spend more time sitting and relaxing at the table ;-). The real reason we liked the large formal dining room is we want to host people for dinner and get togethers. Preschool friends and parents, small group couples, friends, and family -- we've enjoyed having you here. Keep coming!

This room is a place of...

Connection. One habit we formed while engaged was to share the "High point, low point" to each day with each other. That's continued with kids and I appreciate the insight into their memories and personalities. It works like this, "The high point to my day was __. The low point for me was __."  We connect as a family through Bible learning. The kids have a basket in the room of kid Bibles which we read at meals and more. When Abigail was 21 months old, we bought this one and she wanted to work through 3-5 stories at each meal until she had heard them all! Evan likes this one. Lastly, Nick and I like to eat a late night ice cream or piece of chocolate here and connect at the end of the day just the two of us.

Rhythm. This room measures the day from breakfast, to winding down from preschool and outings, to seeing Papa after work. We ebb and flow through this room from bedrooms and kitchen to the living room and front door and back again. Family generations come easily to mind sitting in these chairs. Holidays and birthdays mark growth and relationships in this room.


Curtains. Wall Art. Stay tuned, because there's a post coming that shows you the areas that need help. And, yes, the walls came painted these colors already!

Gathering place

Can you believe there are 10 different animals?!

  • Dining set, solid oak with tabletop refinished by Grandpa Bud, family heirloom
  • Persian Rug, wool, family heirloom
  • High chair, Keekaroo Height Right Chair
  • Table runner, silk sari fabric, brought back from India by a friend
  • Candlesticks, pewter, estate sale find here in Saint Louis
  • Napkin rings, vintage carved, estate sale find here in Saint Louis, $1
Where do you gather in your house? Leave a comment below!

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