Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Upwardly Mobile: Networking

Upwardly Mobile, adjective.
1. Advancing or likely to advance in economic and social standing

What could upwardly mobile mean to the Christ-follower? It is a means to shift my eyes from Pinterest towards God's workings in this world. A deliberate exploration of what it means to be a 20-30 something in suburbia and also a child of God. Because Jesus gives me my identity and status as a child of God.

What has October been like for the Prices?

This long gap in posts is due to some good busyness. Some highlights happened Oct 12 and 21. Oct 12 I attended a women's 1 day retreat with our local church and Nick had some Logos software training; kids loved the babysitter. Then Oct 21 Nick and I drove to Normal, IL to see and celebrate Kyle and Kelsey's engagement (so exciting); kids loved the babysitter. Thank goodness for great babysitters! Here is a picture diary.

Oct 5: Marine, IL pumpkin farm
Oct 11: Oktoberfest on campus
Oct 11: Oktoberfest fun with preschool friends

Oct 14: Zoo with Grandpa Don

Oct 17: Thies Farm with Preschool (yup, all blond!)

Oct 21: Friends at our place, for pumpkin decorating

Networking with heavenly family

This is the number one thing for the health of our relationship to God to happen in October! Finally we're connected with a Bible study that is a few blocks away... in fact, most everyone lives within blocks of each other. We're reading a story form of the Bible narrative  - an English teacher in our group is stoked about what she's read! We're making space for seekers and questioners to join in. We're hoping that our small group lives will overlap with our neighborhood lives so that people can see us embody Christ. We're trying to be like missionaries to our town and neighborhood with tangible, down to earth loving.

Why love these neighbors? On our street, we know the names of the young women upstairs, and the young women next door on each side. Many at this end of the block are young professionals under 35 years. One is a young family, but we rarely see the kids and parents, because they both work and the kids are in daycare. Another family are Sikhs with a working adult son who lives at home. While it is easy to come up with many reasons to love these people, the most compelling reason is that God loves them and wants to know them.

So, I printed a Halloween Happy Hour invitation and delivered it with the kids. Nick and I invited our small group since they live and shop in the same very local area. When we saw the young women we do know, we made a point of chatting and they mentioned the Happy Hour as a great idea. One week later: one couple from small group dropped in. Otherwise: no one. Ouch. My 3.5 year old, who lives for the social excitement of parties was confused.

"Why didn't the people come? If no one comes, can it be a party? I hear Crystal upstairs, can I knock on her door?"

How would you answer? Nick and I really need some prayerful help here! The neighborhood we last lived in had regular Happy Hours that were informal drop-in parties with lots of wine, beer, and appetizers. Seriously, I'm feeling like we should set up camp on the front sidewalk everyday between 4:30-6:30pm, but that would be creepy! What are some good ways to gather and get to know neighbors? Please comment below :-)

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