Saturday, August 24, 2013

Parenting: why am I doing this??

What a question! It makes it's way into my day in some form or another, from just a to-do list check, to a truly boggling parenting moment. Yesterday was one of those 'glass of wine after dinner' days. Within 30 minutes of waking, E. literally clung to my leg cry-whining for breakfast, A.'s quest for independence was straight-up defiance to every single question or request, and Nick and I spent the nap time break sorting through boxes. Still purging items from boxes, yikes!

My 'monkeys,' viewing monkeys this week at the Saint Louis zoo

At dinnertime, the doorbell rang. Two Saint Louis IVCF staff had come to pick up extra donor and fundraising materials. A small conversation about new student leaders grabbed my attention. Student leaders are not just being used by Jesus in ministry, to do great things. Although, don't I like to pat myself on the back for a 'job well done'? I've got this, God. Jesus wants to shape student leaders' lives, and help them with their heavy stuff.

You know, parenting strikes me as the same. Parenting has very delayed results and satisfaction; most days, the doing is hard. Jesus doesn't just want me to feed the best, clothe the best, offer the best activities, teach the most at the right time, or even smile sweetly when the third cup has been dumped all over the tray. Jesus wants to shape my life, and Nick's life, through parenting. He wants to be right beside us, and even carry our heavy past and present circumstances. Even after I just yelled for the fourth time that morning. Jesus is transforming us into parents in God's likeness (not grading us against an impossible scale of perfection)... through which we get to know our heavenly Father so much better. In the end, it isn't even about the results that happened through me. It's about how far Jesus has taken me.

So pray for the parents of young and old children around you.

And pray for new student leaders who go back to universities over the next three weeks.


  1. Brilliant: the difficulties of parenting tied with how God uses that to shape us!