Friday, April 19, 2013

When it rains...

The Glen Ellyn house we're currently living in was lucky. This once-in-ten-years deluge had our neighbors sharing electricity, generators, and pumps. Many had basement water anywhere from 1" to 2'. Yikes.

My husband, Nick, spent most of yesterday helping my mom and brother keep back up at bay. Bleh! She's okay, and her insurance is good.

Which has me thinking about where we'll live. No location is free from natural diaster risk. No home is free from problems. But I wonder what $10 solution is just waiting out there, and we're blind to it. I'm writing this half joking. Because joking is what is needed after plugging basement toilets and drains, and cleaning it all up post-pumping.

Renter's insurance is a must and we've had it all along. It's worth every penny in a disaster, and the annual cost is cheaper than our weekly grocery bill. But what about a sewage back up rider? Or a flood rider?
Cress Creek Country Club and Neighborhood, Naperville, IL

I looked up floodplain info for our county, and looked specifically at my mom's area. Compared with downtown Naperville and the West Branch of the DuPage river immediate area, her neighborhood is higher. However, development over the years has masked a watershed, the Cress Creek (Kress Creek)!! Given the blocked intersections yesterday, the watershed reappeared and was quite visible thanks to overloaded sewers.

Worth every penny, every ten years. Those without insurance, and those who had water or went without electricity yesterday are in my prayers.

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