Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Potential: Endless

Potential is indeed endless for Christ followers who have joined God's big Plan and rely on the Spirit.

Are we really free to be who we are in our spiritual gifting? Or do we silence a brother or sister by putting them down as 'overly zealous'? It seems a frequent question I hear (and say) when around my church community is, "How can we...?" and not "God, would you show us...?" with bold obedience.

This article was a breath of fresh air for several reasons. Firstly, Nick is a pastor; that makes me a pastor's wife. Gulp. I'm not ready yet to try on baggage that comes with that label, thank you. Secondly, Jessica shares beautifully and honestly what it looks like to lean boldly into the Spirit and freely be oneself in Christ. This picture is what I've been trying to cast vision for and live out in our small group.
I have seen too many of my friends who passionately led people to Jesus in college, planted bible studies with their study groups and organized campus outreaches be relegated to passing out church bulletins or working in the nursery on a Sunday morning. They are serving, yes, but not to the full potential of priests serving King Jesus in his royal priesthood. And the church, communities, neighborhoods and families are suffering because of it.
Have you ever experienced silencing or freedom in your spiritual gifting? What made a difference?

PS - I wanted to know how that relationship with the mom from MOPS evolved... and Jessica posted about it! Ever thought you wouldn't know where to start when speaking about Jesus? Check out how she does it. Why don't more people know about Jesus?

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