Saturday, February 16, 2013

February, no longer dreary

February is a cruel month for most. Valentine's Day pressure has grown over the last 200 years. It's almost cliché now, to be a lonely heart or give certain gifts. Snow piles up, and Chicagoans love to loathe certain characteristics of winter.

I'm missing the snow this year. It provides visual interest in the landscape and brightens a cold day. It protects plants and animals from freezing wind. And it's fun to sled, stomp, scoop and throw.

Without snow, I can see the bare garden beds where vegetables and flowers will grow in just a few weeks. Crossing my fingers for average spring weather for our area (it was way too dry and hot last March). Passing certain shrubs, I plot how to trim them up before they leaf out. They have such lovely architecture, but have become a little leggy. Hacking away and dreaming makes February no longer dreary in my mind.

My MIL wants to try growing annuals from seed, and starting them indoors, this year. Total cost for 300 possible plants? About $5. Don't worry, we won't grow that many. My husband and I joined a CSA, so that frees up garden space for fun kid crops like more sunflowers, mini pumpkins, and sweet, sweet, sweet cherry tomatoes. I want to do more lettuce varieties this year... and less kale. 1 plant is more than sufficient. That's just for you, dear husband.

The thought of being in an apartment or condo for 1-6 years without immediate garden access makes me sad. It also has me thinking about dividing perennial herbs and hiding them away in friend's yards, with an extra one or two for the use of space. Any takers? Please, can I use your yard?

Here are some pictures from last year! Hope the summer memories toast you up.


  1. You are welcome to plant things in our yard! We are planning to actually work on our landscaping/jungle this year and create purposeful plots of land. However, it might mean that you have to help us figure out where and what to do with whatever you want planted. :-)

  2. You're welcome to plant things in my yard--