Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sew Special

My worries about finishing A's Halloween costume in time are greatly diminished: technically all seams are sewn. Just have to tie off and clip the threads. And hem. And add a button or snap in back. But the parts that involve the sewing machine are done. Done! It's just a little difficult to disappear into the basement to the sewing table for even 5 minutes with two little kids. Especially when my toddler decides on no nap.

She wanted to sew with me. Under supervision, she handles pins well. She knows they are sharp from watching me. In fact, she'd rather gingerly pick them up to look at the colored balls on the ends than poke them willy-nilly.
"These are not lollipops."
"Nope, you're right!"
"I want to sew!"
"Ok, here's your special sewing card. Do you want the heart or the smile face first?"
Mama's and A's sewing

She completed the heart, free form style, and concentrating to the end of the tail needs particular toddler focus.

The smile face? Not so much. But A was willing to listen for about half the project.

If prompted, she's great at going in order around the side.
"Okay, push the needle through this hole. Pull it all the way through. Which hole comes next?"
Pretty satisfying to pull that thread through!
 Please, no comment on the princess dress. It's taken a lot for me to allow it and sew such a dress. Luckily, there's no pink in my fabric stash, but lots of blue crushed velvet :-) Being a princess did mean instant bonding with the neighbor girls, though. We've been gifted a Disney Princess wand. Sigh.

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