Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Three parks form part of our regular circuit here in town. We walked to the middle distance one yesterday.

My goals?
1) Wear out my toddler so she sleeps soundly for her nap.
2) Make conversation, no matter how small, with anyone else playing.
3) I love the outdoors.

In our small suburb, many moms stay home full time or part time. They tend to be moms who value education - we see each other at the library. They tend to be moms who have family income to spare - they sometimes pay for full- or part-time nannies.

When we head to the park (free), we most often meet nannies if it's the morning. If we go to a paying location (splash park, boutique), we most often run into moms themselves. Don't worry, no postulating on the 'why' there....

My question, "Progress?" has to do with making conversation with the nannies. Frequently they speak Polish, and do so with each other. As a language teacher, this bothers me 0%, unless I'm trying to make conversation with them.

Finally, two days ago at the middle distance park, my daughter initiated play with two children in her age range. Once they were having a great time, I introduced myself to the two nannies with them. One finally acknowledged, "I've seen you at __" Glory be! 1 Year later! They both gave their names and the names of the children.

But then, they returned to their Polish conversation. Argh! Guess it's on my end to remember them and keep trying.

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