Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Part of my blog purpose is 'when 'no' means 'yes,'' or how spiritual disciplines come alive in family life. The word 'discipline' sure carries a lot of baggage huh?

I've already posted some thoughts on Sabbath or rest. Lately, I've been more drawn to the practices that draw us out of me-me-me. Got toddler?

I've settled on the incarnating disciplines. These center on Christ and how he showed us in human form a bigger picture of God and how we are to be since we're created in the image of God. When I approach spiritual disciplines with an open attitude, I leave room for God to show me a bigger picture of his heart and character, and I also leave room for the Spirit to reform  my habits, to transform me.

Although I joked about my toddler's me-centered stage of development, these drew me because my atheist brother responds better to genuine action and consistency. Christians today also need  to realize that in our choice-oriented, consumer society, choices speak volumes. We can choose flourishing of all people and we can choose to lay 'rights' aside. This goes deeper than the choices some Christians make to withdraw (Amish, fundamentalist) or to go with the flow (health and wealth Gospel). Intriguing?

Illinois sunrise,
Up first in the Incarnating Disciplines is Care of Creation.

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