Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chase by chance

Walked over to Panfish park (aka bouncy bridge playground) yesterday. It's hit or miss whether we encounter another child. This time we did.

The curly hair seemed familiar. Was he from library group? The neighborhood? Had we simply seen him at Panfish before?

Nope, Chase had been part of my daughter's two childcare friends last fall and winter. The provider mysteriously terminated our agreement in January, leaving my university ministry volunteering in a lurch. The awkwardness still lingers since we live a few blocks away and regularly walk her street. It's hard to answer, "Can we play at her house?" again and again.

My daughter never takes long to get a game of chase or teeter-totter going. Easily, I found out who Chase really was and 'caught up' with his grandpa. Now, we'll be praying for Chase's speech therapy and language acquisition.

Panfish playground, sand box to boot
That's why we regularly head to the parks. Even when it's hot. Even when I'm tired of the same old parks. Good thing that she never gets tired of the same parks!!

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