Thursday, July 19, 2012

Away from the sun

Last night's thunderstorm dropped the temperature, but not the humidity. I'm still feeling thankful for the rain and hope that  we have a window to head to the park this afternoon.

Yes, we have been inside almost constantly since the outdoor temperature heated up past 80F. Although being inside has made adjusting to life with a toddler and newborn easier, the neighborhood doesn't have the same familiar feeling as I drive down our street and park in the driveway.

I miss the daily morning walks to the park last summer.
And the sweet coincidences of finding a library group buddy for playground romping.
She still asks about our neighbors who moved their family of three active boys at the end of May. Every day they were outside after 3pm and would include her in their play.

Our formerly green yard... in  early June
As I type this, both kiddos nap (thank goodness for today's synching). I  wonder how to catch the new neighbors outside so we can invite them for ice cream early next week. Really, with the heat, happening to be outside at the same time as a neighbor has become quite difficult. The activity and front yard play attracted us to this neighborhood from our first month - and the heat this summer has made almost everyone disappear inside.

Maybe I could bravely tackle wrangling my in-law's yellow lab while pushing the stroller? The dog walkers seem to keep their regular schedules.

How can I keep driveway conversations going, or invite neighbors inside when everyone seeks to hide from the heat?

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